Fishing in a small group on a motor boat. Up to 7 people, exits every day for 3 hours.

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Fishing equipment:

  • 5 large trolling rods
  • 5 line bobbins for spinnings
  • 6 rods for bottom fishing
  • Tuna and marlin gear
  • Hooks for pulling fish


Group trip for locating and fishing. Methods of fishing: trolling, tossing, bottom-fishing, hooking or with rods (from the boat). Depending on the season, you may catch marlins, tunas, perch, barracudas, seabreams, rays, sharks and others.

The fishing activity will be carried out under the command of an experienced captain.

Drinks and snacks

For customers on board there are free refreshments, beer, mineral water and snacks.

Start time and place

Fishing starts at 9:00, exits from the port of Puerto Colón, Playa de las Americas.