Teide Bus Tour (4 hours)


  • Durattion: 4 hours
  • Don’t forget your camara and jacket
  • This is the only excursion that allows you to take the cable car to the volcano
  • Please select your preferred event date



We will pick you up at the bus at your stop and we will start the route to the Teide National Park by making a brief stop in the town of Vilaflor, a small town that has a unique charm, partly because of its privileged location, nestled in the highest part of the Island and surrounded by pine forests, a step away from Teide, being therefore part of the highest municipality in Spain.

Stop at the Roques de García, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in this place you will enjoy landscapes that will look like you from another planet, you will breathe the pure air of the highest peak in Spain, you will walk among the volcanic lava and you will feel tiny when you see The stunning surroundings. Touring the area is a spectacle. The landscape is breathtaking, look where you look. It is a journey that impresses due to the contrast offered by the island through its different landscapes and colors. Las Cañadas del Teide forms a gigantic caldera about 17 km in diameter on which the 3,718 meter Pico del Teide sits, which is the highest height in Spain and the third tallest volcano in the world. The snow of the peak next to the lava flows that spill on its slopes form a unique combination that you will not get tired of admiring.

Then we will arrive at the Cable Car, the highest in Spain, where you can ascend to the summit of the Volcano. El Teide, considered the most emblematic natural monument of the Canary Archipelago, is undoubtedly a majestic place and therefore a natural wonder that you will not forget. The ascent to the Cable Car is optional and not included in the price of the excursion.

Finally, we finish the tour and we will take you back to your hotel down the town of Chio, limited by Alcalá in the coastal area and to the north by the town of Tamaimo, belonging to the municipality of Santiago del Teide.